José Castell Catalan sculptor

Josep CASTELL (Catalan spelling)
He was born in Paris in 1952 from Catalan parents. After studying Fine Arts in Avignon, he got settled in a traditional 16th century farmhouse in the south of France. 

He deeply felt sculptor, nevertheless all creation was appealing to him; sculpting with any material that allowed expression, paintings, illustrations and mosaics...
All his personal feelings, his observations, his desires, his pains, were spurted during his solitary periods in the studio. His work was rythmed by often reappearing topics, as if the artist had not said, not understood all about the subject. His way of expression was freely going from figurative to abstract style; other periods when the symbol expressed it all. 

But he was also interested in humanity as a whole; he was avid for encounters, friendship, love. Not only each artist, poet or musicians had their importance to him, but any person that crossed his way. Discovering a new country, a new city, different humans, all of that was source of exchanges and new impulse. 

Though, it was difficult to accept that in February 2001, Josep CASTELL decided giving up all that made him alive...
(Josefine Castell, his daughter)